The Fistglove™ Stroke Trainer
The World’s First True Proprioceptive Teaching Device



When Fistgloves™ are worn, they take a swimmer's hands out of the "balance” and “propulsive” equations. By wearing a slick latex covering on the hands, swimmers must create a balanced state through body position. Swimmers must propel themselves forward with the "under utilized" surface area of the forearms. When wearing Fistgloves™ the hands are "cloaked" thus making it easier for swimmers to become aware of the position of the forearms vis a vis creating propulsion and results in accentuating the “high elbow” posture underwater.

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Slide "Fistgloves are by far the easiest and most effective way to teach swimmers of all ages and abilities the feeling of an early catch, vertical forearm freestyle." - Karlyn Pipes, World Masters Swimmer of the Year and member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame Slide “It almost miraculously enhances sensitivity to the flow on both the palm and the knuckle-sides of the hand . . . " - Cecil Colwin, author of Breakthrough Swimming and member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame Slide "I can testify that the fistglove effect, as I call it, is cumulative and lasting. Until I first used fistgloves I had no clue what "feel" felt like. But after using them pretty regularly for years, that feeling - temporary at first - became permanent." - Terry Laughlin, founder of Total Immersion, champion of the effort to teach the importance and priority of technique in swimming Slide “Using fistgloves causes surprising and dramatic change in the hands’ sensitivity. It’s voodoo. Some day sports scientists will figure out why wearing a fistglove produces this effect. As usual, coaches are ahead of the curve in figuring out why things work long before the eventual scientific explanation.”
-John Leonard, Executive Director of the American Swimming Coaches Association and founder of the World Swimming Coaches Association